How I became a published author #1

The White Butterflies: Eurythmy & Me



Excerpt #23


In February, 2013, my one goal was to be a published author.

I sent a message to In-Scribe and got a reply asking me to email over my manuscript for, Grace. A few days went by and I was racked by nerves, I just could not bring myself to send it. I had not shown it to anyone. I was worried that the subject matter was just too controversial.

I was working when I received another message:

“I so much look forward to reading your work,” and there was a smiley face at the end. Then I remember a dream I had: I dreamt that In-Scribe was the right place to send it.

A few days go by and I do not check my emails, when finally I do, In-Scribe’s email is headed: “Your lovely work”.

All my doubts are put to rest as I read the email. The Consultant tells me I am a talented writer and the book is very emotional. (In-Scribe is a Literary Consultancy, helping books to get noticed.)

Over the next two weeks, I have an exciting time. I get to choose Grace’s front cover and decide on a bird image. I also get a website designed and, before I know it, my book is on Amazon and anyone can buy it.

It is amazing the energy that is put into it and it is a real achievement to get it published. I start promoting it on my Facebook page. There is also a Press Release to send to the media and to MBS and psychology magazines. I am in a heady state of mind and enjoy the process.

My dad orders twenty copies! He tells me that he cried at the book. My friend also buys it and loves it.

One month passes and my Kindle sales are steady, plus, lots of my dad’s friends buy it and say it made them more compassionate. I am still proud of the fact that I got it published. It is amazing that anyone can still buy the book and, even to this day, I have constant sales.


Towards the end of the year, I receive a five-year award for my voluntary work as a reflexologist at the cancer clinic. There are some wonderful things that happen this year. I never believed I could actually write a book and get it published. I start straightaway on another book of short stories.

I love writing and expressing myself in the written word. Along with singing and music, it is my great passion.

In 2014, Grace gathers publicity. I get into my local newspaper and on Sussex and Surrey Radio. It was an amazing experience.

I also got into ‘Your Cat’ magazine with a double-page feature on Indy. Now that he has died, I get to keep his memory alive forever. I am so privileged that I got to be in this magazine. The interviewer was very kind and I have never spoken so honestly to a stranger before, about everything that happened. From the dark days to how Indy helped me recover and how cats do not hold stigmas – and that was the beauty of it.

I found I was a natural talking about my experiences and I felt compelled to help other people. It was like it was all meant to be.

In 2014, I published another book called ‘Under the Ivy’. It was mainly short stories with a spiritual undertone.


Marcia Lake (c) 2017 – 2018


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